proposal for locative cinema commission

working on a proposal for the o1sj/banff/sundance locative cinema commission. here is the google doc for the conceptual proposal.

technical proposal:

budget proposal:

150 word summary:

The Broadcaster Project is a video channel for the inhabitants of a physical space. The project involves creating a series of stationary, one-click video booths, which would each be linked to a public online channel. The Broadcaster would enable every person in a community, regardless of income or technical proficiency, to express themselves, and the channel would create a digital narrative of a specific place. Just like a telephone booth or arcade game, The Broadcaster could be adopted and maintained by local business owners. The stationary nature of the device allows online and local viewers to know exactly where the message is coming from. With this, we hope to bring to the physical world some of the positive features of digital collaborative communities: crowdsourcing, individual reward, and accountability.

more about the call here:

Once again, the general notes page for the broadcaster project is here:


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    […] see also the broadcaster project proposal to the banff/01sj/sundance locative cinema call. that is viewable here. […]

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