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public timelapse wall and shell scripting stuff.

October 22, 2009 works!

weird bash not found error in mac terminal
but i am having a weird error on mac os x running some shell scripts. i am a complete newbie at this and this question concerns 2 scripts. one of which sean wrote ( a couple weeks ago and it’s been running fine on another machine.

then last week i wrote and it has been running fine on a couple computers.
but then i tried to run on a new machine that runs fine and i got the following error:

: No such file or directory#!/bin/bash

why will one script( execute fine and the other ( gives this weird bash error?
but then i saw they had different first lines.

one is /bin/sh and one is /bin/bash

weird thing to because the one that doesn’t work on this machine (/bin/bash) has been working fine on the other broadcaster mac min for several weeks. scripts still very mysterious to me.

so i change it so #!/bin/sh and #! /bin/sh still no go…

: No such file or directory#!/bin/sh
: command not foundline 2:
: command not foundline 5:
: command not foundline 7:
: command not foundline 9:
‘/ line 72: syntax error near unexpected token `do
‘/ line 72: `for f in *.mp4; do

another thing i tried as suggested:
bash -ex ./
‘ ‘#!/bin/sh
: No such file or directory#!/bin/sh
Clarence$ bash -ex ./
‘ ‘#!/bin/bash
: No such file or directory#!/bin/bash
Clarence$ echo $SHELL

two screenshots of terminal and some other discussion of the error
weird bash not found error in mac terminal
scripting error, #!/bin/bash not found?


knight news challenge application

October 9, 2009
how to reinvent local news?

well, we here at the broadcaster project of course think this should involve some broadcasters.

here’s quick pitch.
watch this video on flickr which wordpress wont let me embed. thanks.

Where you are the news!

A pizza shop or bodega type store in downtown Brooklyn near Fulton Mall or similar low income shopping area/transit center or across the street from a nearby housing project like Gowanus Houses.
Front window has a couple screens playing videos. These are all videos that have been recorded on site. (or maybe an extra screen for content from other sites?)
Inside is a series of photobooth and videobooth installations of varying quality, duration, and abstraction(art installations like friendslicer). Plain 30 second videobooth cost $0.50 or $1, you record your video, it gets archived locally and added to loop playing on monitors outside. It also uploads to some social video site where it’s tagged as “public domain” so television stations can rebroadcast and others can make mix tapes, etc.
In the store is a jukebox as well where you can pay small fee to select the video you want to see.
You can also get custom dvd mixtapes made in the store.
The store is a public history file for the local community. No more expensive than buying a can of soda or beer.
All financial records are public by default since every transaction is represented by an upload to the public feed.
A shared history for the local community. Truly ground up media. When you say, “I know where you are coming from” you will actually know where this news came from.

Technology developed will be open source and also business planning info will be open source so it’s easily duplicable in other communities. A shared history builds trust and accountability. Can a public history file bring the positive powers of online communities like wikipedia and linux into our shared physical spaces?



also see the LCC proposal, notes page, etc for more on the broadcaster philosophy.

something like the following mashup: your local barber shop + an anthropological history of youtube + storycorps + twitter.

a public history file for shared physical spaces… more notes.

please view the application:

gottesman broadcaster up and running

October 8, 2009

“what is it?”
“it’s like teachers college what’s goin on?”

it’s not universally understood but in good time.

here is the twitter feed:

computer seems to hang a bit after a day of video recording.
auto shutdown each night should fix this?
need to figure out how to make it reboot and have the mouse positioned correctly and the photobooth setting on video. i think this should be able to be accomplished with automator. will be researching this next.