All Asia Timelapse Twvee

Just installed a new timelapse twvee set at All Asia Cafe in Cambridge MA.
Each day it makes a audio and video timelapse movie.

youtube channel=

The scripts are similar to those used in the Timelapse memory server. It also has an audio component which is similar to the methods described in this post.

The machine is an old hp pc(~$140 from craigslist) with ubuntu 10.10 (free if you don’t count internet to download and cd to burn it on) on it. Webcam is a playstation 2 eyecam(~$40). I spent some money on lumber to build a box around it but mostly used scraps.


The machine also uses the youtube uploader stuff described in this post.

A twvee(twee-vee) set is sort of like a tv set except that it’s 2 directional. Maybe it should be a 2V set?

using motion now to capture frames. other incomplete notes here

a related experiment from a machine shop. some more theory too.


2 Responses to “All Asia Timelapse Twvee”

  1. wullz Says:

    great success! how does it sound with slightly longer audio samples with a longer time between snapshots? given the All Asia context (gooo promotion companies!), I’d love to hear a little more clearly all the different genres bumping elbows in there. this is great.

    • t he ans weri saque stion? Says:

      that’s a good question. maybe i will make some edits to the scripts and try making multiple soundtrack versions for a given day? and then you can hear the differences? also, the microphone is currently inside a wooden box so i think the sound will improve if it gets moved into the open more… definitely lots of experiments to run.

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