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Linux based broadcaster at the MAC in San Juan, Puerto Rico

January 23, 2010

Got a basic a broadcaster set up at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in San Juan Puerto Rico.

It’s our first linux based broadcaster. The webcam is a little slow but we are up and running with the computer and youtube page. They have to figure out exactly where the broadcaster will live in the museum but hopefully all will go well. If there are any linux hackers in San Juan who would like to help keep this installation alive, that would be great. The staff (Evita, Marlene and the rest) were very nice and helpful but not used to Linux or computer based installations in general. But we hopefully will be able to debug remotely if needed.

See links on the side of the blog for notes on the Linux install. I will try to keep these up to date as we experiment more with Linux. It was pretty straight forward except for some webcam issues and slight alterations to some of the scripts because the Apple scripting syntax is slightly different than the Linux sysntax.

Here is a short video of the system startup and video taking process.